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49 definitions by doggie dogster

v. Expression used by rough older British blokes to describe taking a really big piss when they've not been to the bathroom for a while.
"Dave - hold on a second. If I don't Empty a Leg right now I'm gonna piss myself!".
"No worries, mate."
by Doggie Dogster March 30, 2006
3706 915
Charming British expression referring to trying out something untested or kind of unknown. It's really a metaphor - the new thing is like a boiled sweet, the uknown consequences are the flavour, so you "suck it and see"!
"Shit fella, I'm not so sure about these shiny pants. They look pretty gay."
"No worries mate - suck it and see. You might get lucky".
by Doggie Dogster March 14, 2006
465 59
n. Popular Brit slang for vapid, meaningless chatter or polite "warm up" conversation before you get down and do the serious shit, be it a meeting, sex etc.
"Blah blah blah blah yada yada...bl-"
"Cut the Chit Chat and get your clothes off."


"How's Maria and the girls"?
"Fine, thanks. OK, let's cut the Chit Chat. You're fired."
by Doggie Dogster March 30, 2006
139 28
Alt. name for that movie tale of cowboy starfish spearing. Given how quickly the boys get down to business in that cosy little tent of theirs, it just makes a kind of sense.
"Well, there were no condom dispensers on the open range in those days, so they should have called it Bareback Mountain".
"Wise words my friend. Pass the nachos".
by Doggie Dogster March 25, 2006
150 43
To display staggeringly daring rudeness and / or cheek. First Cousin to balls of brass.
"Jason had the brass neck to ask for the promotion even though we all knew he was a slacker".
by Doggie Dogster April 17, 2006
104 22
What you hear when an English footie fan is cheering on the team.
Ingurland!! Ing-gurr-laaand!!
by Doggie Dogster April 05, 2006
98 22
British slang - describes ears that stick right out to the side like the handles of a milk jug. Makes cosmetic surgeons a big pile of cash to staple the suckers back.
"Dave's little brother Mike has got Jug Ears. He's an ugly Jug-Eared twat".
by Doggie Dogster March 28, 2006
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