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"Direct Esoteric Communication DEC" refers to communication at and between vibrational energy levels which ones brain cannot perceive, i.e., Esoteric levels: The MIND realm and the Spiritual realm. From the concept that Man consists of three simultaneously existing vibrational energy dimensions: The Spiritual dimension; The MIND dimension; And the physical dimension.
An example of "Direct Esoteric Communication DEC" is the subtle communication between a mother and her child. This communication involves the faculty of intuition, which is part of ones Spiritual dimension. Another example is the subtle and healing communication between a competent psychotherapist and his/her client/patient that utilizes what I refer to as "Empathetic Understanding" (one of several "virtues" the human being can obtain via completing Karma over many lifetimes).
by docjp March 22, 2010
CDKA&EU is a symbol that stands for Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. These are thought to be the Virtues we Souls are accumulating by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes.

CDKA&EU, when fully acquired, would represent "wisdom". The possession of CDKA&EU is akin to Enlightenment and thought to be possessed by Saints and mystics. This is quite different than possessing intelligence, or being smart.
A person possessing substantial CDKA&EU would be kind, honest, forgiving, and abstain from negativity.

Possession of substantial CDKA&EU would cause a person to be withdrawn "from the world" in that such a person would tend to be quiet, aloof, and dedicated to meditation and Spirituality.
by docjp March 30, 2011
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