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1). Originally used by whites in the great depression to describe CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) jobs i.e. government work relief programs.

2). However, this phrase was 'taken back' by the African American community in the 1980's. Usages were applied to fellow African American employed in lucrative, glamor fields such as professional sports, entertainment, or drug dealing.

3). Unfortunately, this phrase was co-opted by 'the man' in the early years of the new millennium. Specifically by Wall Street traders upon hearing of the first round of financial bailouts. Note - this usage predates the Obama presidency and as such can't be construed as a racist attack on the Obama presidency. Rather, Wall Steet wiggers are 'keeping it real'.
1). Bill's been riding the Nigger Gravy Train out in Yosemite - he's getting three hots and a cot everyday!

2). That bitch Rick James has been riding the Nigger Gravy Train since Super Freak charted.

3). "No matter how much we fuck-up, the government will bail us out. We're big too fail, Biff! We're riding that Nigger Gravy Train!!
by doc yamamoto November 02, 2009
Filter city on the west coast of the United States that absorbs most of the homos, pretentious assholes, red light runners, Prius drivers, hippies, foodies, asians and run away teens thereby making other cities west of the Rockies more livable.
Thank you San Francisco for giving the homeless a place to live other than Modesto.
by doc yamamoto November 06, 2009
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