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The only game that lets you relive "REAL" battles from ancient Japan, one of which involves using real time weapon change to flip a giant enemy crab on its back and attack its weak point for massive damage.
Sure, the game Genji 2 could be amazing when it comes out. But let's face it. The people showing it at E3 killed its first impressions.
Something an azn will type because he is too lazy and/or stupid to type out "asian boy"
"Hi IaM aN aZn BoI"
"no. you are a lazy 'boi'"
When a flat chested girl goes home over summer break, goes through puberty, and comes back to school with large breasts.

The girl will, usually, have been un-noticed by most of the guys in her class until this point. Hopefully, she won't let the attention go to her head, and ditch her old friends.
Don't let summer growths go to your head.
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