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Bronze Swimming Certificate.
"You're really mean with money. You're a tremendous physical coward. You once spent an afternoon on the Samaritans switchboard and four people commited suicide. Your middle name is Judas but you tell everyone that it's Jonathan. you sign all your official letters 'Arnold Rimmer BSc' and the BSc stands for 'Bronze Swimming Certificate'. You're a cheating, weasley, low-life scumbucket with all the charm and social grace of a pubic louse."

Dave Lister on Arnold Rimmer
For one thing to be excessively superior to something else, usually used to compare two similar things like computer games or bands of the same genre.
The silent killer... Of brains.
"I went to Honolulu and all I got was this lousy brain plague"
A type of animation originating from Japan. Can be characterised by oversized eyes, spikey, outlandishly coloured hair, and so on. Even without these things, the style of Anime is easily distinguishable from the inferior western cartoons. All inferior, apart from Futurama, which rocks. But the rest of the stuff we make is crap compared to Anime.

Anime is usually bursting with Japanese culture, including Japanese backdrops, Japanese food, Japanese attitudes, etc. We are most familiar with anime for children like Pokemon. But the really good stuff has adult content like violence and nudity. This type of anime isn't really comparable to any western cartoons.

Anime seems to have many consistent elements between shows - such as cats. People with cat ears seem to be very common in Anime aswell, for some reason. Also, even if you find the type of Anime which focuses on relationships between characters, chances are it still involves magic powers, people becoming robots and things of that nature.
"ok so first of all my head would have to be a little bean with real big eyes get rid of my thumbs make me all shiny, and my boots would be a whole lot cooler, like robot boots. And i'd have blue hair... you've gotta have blue hair."

Strong Bad on what he would be like as an Anime character
Someone who doesn't believe in any gods, or strongly believes that there is no such thing as a divine being or god.
I contend that we are both atheist. I just belive in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.
by do I have to put something here? September 13, 2004

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