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A woman who is built in such a way that you can have mutually satisfying sex while the two of you are standing up and facing each other.
Nancy's flat tummy and the gap between her thighs make her a perfect front loader... we can screw and screw and screw some more standing up until we get off in each other's arms. Then I throw her on the bed and we screw and screw some more.
by dmr.in.sf August 14, 2010
slang term for a very long penis
I front-loaded her pussy while we were standing up, facing each other, utilizing my proboscis!
by dmr.in.sf August 29, 2010
Offbeat, gender-neutral way of referring to one's ex-wife or ex-husband.
I have a special ringtone in my cell phone that's only assigned to my ex-wife's phone numbers. So, when my cell phone makes that "oink-oink-oink" sound, I say "Oh, it must be my erstwhile spouse who's calling."

ex-wife ex-husband spouse estranged wife estranged husband
by dmr.in.sf April 16, 2009

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