2 definitions by dj wack

The world's most motherfuckin' prolific rapper. Wrote such lines as, "Sittin' on the floor, don't want a 1984," and, "zilla found some bodies in his trunk, he thinks he left them there for a month."
yo dude, MC Plantus fuckin' came into the club stole all the bitches for himself using his rhymes
by dj wack October 22, 2006
While drinking a coffee from Tim Horton's, you roll down a girl's panties and proceed to give a rim job. The chances of her achieving orgasm are consistent with the current odds of Roll up the Rim.
Man, I was giving this bitch a roll up the rim job, but she didn't cum.
Ah, don't worry dude, chances are only 1 in 6 this year.
by dj wack March 14, 2011

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