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2 definitions by dj lance

the knuckle of your arse.

the guy who cried donkey
an ostriche's pine cone
the alphabet's squiggle
a mushroom's dick
the wiggles
magenta from blue's clues
muno from yo gabba gabba
"ow! i hurt my buttknuckle when i fell on my arse!"

"that guy just looked at my boobs and drooled out of his dick"
by dj lance July 11, 2011
Crumbletin ate a pie.
Crumbletin creamed an eye.
Crumbletin made me cry.
Crumbletin left to die.

Crumble is the man you rapes your daughter.
Tin is the woman who chops your son's balls off.
ee i ee i oh penis cakes crumbletin
by dj lance July 11, 2011