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Originating from a term referring to a very talented basketball player, typically a pro or from "street ball", who lives lavishly--this phrase is commonly used to refer now to anyone who likes to "live large"
Lebron James is a "Big Baller"
Puff Daddy is a "Big Baller" (and a shot caller)
50 cent and Kanye are "Big Ballers"
Fat Joe is a REALLY BIG Baller
Your mom is a "Big Baller"
by dj jonny d October 03, 2008
see Hoo ha
To Make Sexy Time
1. Her skirt was so short, you could see her snoob from clear across the room

2. I can't believe he's afraid to fight that guy--What a snoob!

3. Dude! I want to snoob her so bad!/ I want that snoob, man.../ I'm gonna get me some snoob tonight
by dj jonny d December 02, 2006

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