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The Item or vehicle you place a womans cunt on before you beat/eat/hump it.
I could not find a cunt slab for my mistress so my penis grew soft
by dj b March 07, 2005
when ones cunt has been so viciously humped that it resembles a globe, very loose and open.
I was about to give this chick the works but when i pulled down her kelt she had a cunt globe.
by dj b March 16, 2005
When a womans cunt and anal cavity are very circular and loose, as if it remsemble a globe, See also Cunt Globe
DJ: Your mom has a Cunt Globe
Al: Well your mom has a Anal Globe
Mike B: Well both your moms have Cunt universes

DJ&AL: Look Mike you took it to far
by dj b March 16, 2005
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