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Boulerjacking is the act of being a Boulerjack. A Boulerjack is a term for a male teenager, who wears braces and has emo hair, who constantly uses terms incorrectly and to the point of becomming obnoxious. A boulerjack ruins a completly good phrase and turns it to garbage. Typically, boulerjacks have no friends and eat popcorn everyday at lunch. Many boulerjacks prefer men over women. They typically laugh at stories when they dont even know what your talking about. They come off as "deuschy"
Stop being a boulerjack! Thanks for ruining that.

I've got tickets to the gun show ( points to muscles) youve ruined that

Boulerjacks say the word "BRAH" too many times
by dizzle fiz October 25, 2006

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