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The term Throat Fucked is used when someone has endured been given violent head.
Being Throat Fucked involves a man slipping his penis down someones throat and thrusting hard.
Throat Fucking may result in gagging, choking and vomiting.
Also known as Throat Fucking.

Be careful when getting Throat Fucked
I got Throat Fucked last week and vomed everywhere, but he still managed to skeet.

omg, Dizzee got Throat Fucked by some Meathead.

I Throat Fucked dat bitch, yeh man.
by dizzee moo August 05, 2008
Dee's is a nickname for girls who has Double D sized breasts.
Girls that are called Dee's are usually abit easy and like male attention.
Damn dat bitch got some fine Dee's.

Dee's likes gettin fucked by Meat Heads.

Shandy: "Did you and Dee's hook up?"
Stiggy: "Yeh blad, i throatfucked her"
Shandy: "Safe"
by dizzee moo August 05, 2008
Lip Space is a nickname for a person who has really really really big lips.

It doesn't matter if the person has used Botox or some form of product to enhance the size of their lips, they can still be classed as havin a large Lip Space.
Damn, Kyle has massive Lip Space.

Man dat kidz got phatt Lip Space innit.
by dizzee moo August 05, 2008

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