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1. A stupid, anorexic, 24/7 menstruating and self righteous 'journalist' bitch.
2. The bane of all life.
3. The Anti-Christ.
4. Someone who puts little animals into meat grinders, microwaves, and generally tends to torture things smaller than her/himself.
5. A common synonym for the word 'bitch'.
Example 1
Timmy: "Sally told me that she's gunna light a puppy on fire"
Bobby: "Thats terrible! What an Anne Coulter!"

Example 2
Sam: "My mom told me i can't play WoW anymore because i got an A- on my project! What an Anne Coulter!"

Example 3
Timmy: "Holy Shit! Is that a hideous demon devouring the corpses of virgins while singing the Vietnamese national anthem who shall one day spawn an age of darkness and unlife?"
Timmy's Puppy: "Yes Timmy, thats called an Anne Coulter."
by divinechampion November 10, 2007

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