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3 definitions by divinas commedia

When the fine lady you're with agrees to anal but has an arse is so filthy you can't even be sure there's a definite hole, you go ahead with it then switch real quick to her snatch to teach her a lesson with your shit covered dick.
Tim: Did she finally let you in the back door?

Mike: Yeah, but she was so gross I had to give her the Scottish Bog Trotter so she'd clean her shit up.
by divinas commedia September 08, 2011
When a woman's vagina is so blown out that it goes from looking like and upside down triangle to a full blown square.
Yael: Was that bitch as good in the sack as you'd hoped?

Gunter: Nah, man, that bitch had a Tiananmen Square Snatch.
by Divinas Commedia September 08, 2011
A sandy vagina
Everett: Dude, that bitch had the sandiest Qatar Kumquat I've ever seen. It was like fucking a litter box.
by Divinas Commedia September 08, 2011