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Preferably delivered to a target who is vegan (by contrast, the slapper may be of any dietary orientation). A vegan slap is the daintier version of a pimp slap, although the motion is still the same. It is delivered using a backhand motion at a straight 90 degree angle, though the hand kind of drifts up in the beginning to appear more unassuming. Unlike with a pimp slap, a vegan slap may hit any part of the body of the target, and the slapper need not hit the slappee with his/her hand. S/he may use a vegetable instead, i.e. a head of broccoli. Or a piece of rolled up paper will do.

It is called a vegan slap for two reasons:
1) If you hit a poor vegan too hard, s/he might collapse. Not enough iron.
2) You're probably jealous of that person's strength and discipline in following their morals (and dietary habits that aren't easy) - especially if s/he is very humble about it. Take that, you meat-eaters.

The motion seems graceful and casual, but it is more effective if you add force at the very end, to make the nice SMACKing sound accompany the blow.
Boss *vegan SLAPS!* vegan employee with a report.
Employee: *flinches* What'd I ever do to you?
Boss: No, it's what HAVEN'T you done for me lately, you dirty vegan.
by dirtygardenvegan January 25, 2009

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