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To Totally Rock Your Boxers.
To kick much ass of the opposing individual. To give other's a wedgy.
dood..that guy totally roxored' your boxers. Yo a$$ must be hurtin'

Yo denesh, he totally roxored your boxors. You want something to pull it out?
by Dirty D November 24, 2004
leslie griffiths is a woman who is beautiful, intellegent and funny. she can be one of the guys when its needed and is the most amazing woman the rest of the time. no woman can even compare. her beauty makes your heart melt and her smile makes you crumble. she has a heart of gold and a beautiful soul to match, no man or woman is worthy. if all women were like her the world would be a better place, since there isnt you are lucky to know or be with leslie, even being in the same room as her is a gift. also she can talk shit with the best of them, just an added bonus.
the amazing woman you always want to be around, no matter the circumstances. she can always make you smile and erase any doubts you may have about life.
by dirty D February 09, 2012
to have a stroke
i had a "strizoke" in my brizane...
by dirty d April 21, 2003
wear did you get that "shiznaw"
by dirty d April 21, 2003
to stretch your nutsack over someones mouth and nose
i will be "nutsacking" her tonite...
by dirty d April 23, 2003
shout out to all mi niggas j-wizzle, notorious B.I.G., j-ice,
full effect 03
by dirty d May 04, 2003

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