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31 definitions by dino

See houseboy/housegirl.
(see example in houseboy}
by Dino March 11, 2005
7 5
The same as doomsday.
See at "doomsday" for example.
by Dino March 13, 2005
4 3
A large rodent (rat) caught and raised for market sale in some African countries, mainly in the Northwestern ones {Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin etc.), used to prepare a variety of dishes.
Lonely Planet backpacker Megan McCormick ate a grass-cutter in her stay in Ghana.
by Dino March 11, 2005
12 11
This group has a nice mix of styles, reggae, soca, etc. In both Spanish and English, as most of the band members are from San Andrés and Providencia Islands. The residents of these tiny and exotic islands speak Caribbean English, despite they are Colombian territories, so Spanish is also spoken.
Hey, let's go dancing tonight, there's an electrical show of Magical Beat Band in Cartagena!
by Dino March 13, 2005
1 1
A Houseboi is a boy that is looking for a unique position for a change, a career, some even love. Many want to be a personal assistant, a housekeeper, a chief, and many other duties. In the past a houseboi would serve as assistant and some even grow into a life long relationship with their employers. For some that is taboo. Many stable couples today will take in a houseboi for the household duties and to mentor. see also houseboi(extracted from
As I'm too busy, I'll hire a houseboy to take care of my place and run some errands.
by Dino March 09, 2005
29 29
A drunk pregnant prostitute whose only goal in life is to sue everyone she comes into contact with.
Be carefull not to make eye contact with that mamabeotch!
by dino January 30, 2004
2 2
See description in mahout.
There are many elephant-keepers in southern Asia.
by Dino March 11, 2005
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