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"mouni" is an aidoio, but much more juicy and sweet!!!

greek word for "pussy".

it can also be used in order to say that a girl is very pretty - a beauty.
"ama se valo kato tha sou to skiso to mounaki"
"ti mounaki einai auto to koritsi..."
by dimitris!! August 06, 2006
greek word for slut and bitch.
if we say "kariolis" its the same with bastard
"i proin mou einai kai poli kariola, exei parei partouza oli mou tin parea afou xorisame"
by dimitris!! August 06, 2006
greek word for "cock" or "dick" , something like penis but not exactly, much bigger!!!
"piase mou to poutso mori ..."
"auti i ksanthia einai kai poli poutsofliftra!!"
"poutso pali poutso pali, oe oe, poutso pali poutso pali...etc..."
by dimitris!! August 06, 2006
it derives from greek words kolpos ( vagina) and phobos (phobia) . it describes someone that is afraid even in the idea of a vagina
" o makis ipoferei apo kolpophobia, de tha gamisei pote tou o malakas..."
by dimitris!! August 06, 2006
kolotripida is the greek word for "asshole" .
not frequently used, but is a very nice word to add to your dictionary!!!

used in a cult greek tsonta-porn movie by cult performer Gousgounis
" kolotripida mou glikia "

"tha sou skiso ti kolotripida manari mou"
by dimitris!! August 06, 2006
"alvanos" basically is a citizen from Albania.

as a slug word, it is used to describe anyone that is a retard, or likes to steal things and kill people.
In some mediterranean countries it can be used in order to describe all the imigrants, no matter their origin.
You can add special characteristics to the word "alvanos", in the shown way: alvanopanigiris, palioalvanos, vromoalvanos, skatoalvanos, etc...
"kleidose kala ti porta, giati kikloforoun poloi alvanoi se autin tin perioxi"

" fige re alvano-panigiri apo mprosta mou min se spaso ti mapa"

" kaki ratsa o alvanos, pos tha klepsei skeftetai monaxa"
by dimitris!! August 06, 2006
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