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2 definitions by dilpickles108

A western new york based restaurant that puts taco bell in its place. Once you taste mighty taco once, you will never go back to the rancid filth that is served at taco bell. Also mighty taco's prices are unbeatable, and their food is much larger, more filling, and fresher than taco bell's. It is better than drugs.
Dude, I just had mighty taco for the first time... There is no way I'm going back to that taco bell shit
by dilpickles108 May 06, 2011
70 15
Someone who has no talent in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and uses the only grenade launcher to get themselves kills. Normally these n00bs will reach level 50 and not prestige as to retain their china lake grenade launchers and continue to get kills and think that they are awesome at the game. Those who actually play the game and have skill look down upon these players.
Fuck! I just got killed by that China Lake n00b for the fourth time on a random shot... He has no skill
by dilpickles108 November 18, 2010
1 7