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a person who holds a regular job during the week which restricts their ability to party/go on trips/partake in awesome activities, and thus plans epic weekend adventures to compensate. As much variation and quantity of awesomness is packed into the weekends as physically possible, warranting the rest of the work week to recharge for the next weekend.
Waste of space: Wanna go play beer pong at Douchie's, then pay a cover @ Sleezy's for a crappy DJ and ill-mixed, over-priced drinks?
Weekend Warrior: No, dude. I've got to work OT this week, so I have extra money to fund my weekends this month.
W.O.S.: What? Man, be a loser like me! What are you trying to accomplish on the weekends? I use them to recover from Jaeger binges.
W.W.: Well... I'm takin off early Friday to head south, back pack in to camp out on the ocean with friends, then we're gonna wake up early and snowboard all day at Sick Mt. We'll camp again Saturday night, then I gotta head back north for the bike race on Sunday, which I really have to push, so I can finish in time to shower and change into my dress clothes, pick up the GF, and catch the Opera. It's gonna be another amazingly epic and memorable weekend. You f@#$ing waste of space.
W.O.S.: Oh...maaaaaan. I just s#$t my pants again...
by dildolips mcgeezy March 18, 2010

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