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9 definitions by digiSAK3

1 ] Hiding behind your hands. This is usually followed by a (\'_'/) revealing your hiding place or a (\'_(\ meaning you only reaveled one eye.
2 ] A way to show you're scared *hiding behind your hands*
IE 1 ]
A) ^_^ hey!
B) hey!
A) /)_(\
B) Where the fsck did you go!?
A) (\^_^/) peek a boo!
B) HOLY SH!7!!?#@$k@)%ry@(!!!!!!!!!

IE 2 ]
A) DON'T KILL ME !! /)_(\ ;_;
by digiSAK3 August 16, 2006
190 31
1. A way of life.
2. A persons rejection towards wearing pants. Typically wearing boxers or boyshorts around the house, whether they are doing laundry or cooking dinner.
Boyfriend X: Man I wish my girlfriend was anti pants...
Boyfriend S: That's too bad. Because mine is. And she's hotness.
by digiSAK3 September 09, 2006
29 1
A wallet/coin-purse in the shape of a frog, owned by Naruto from the popular anime Naruto. This wallet/coin-purse is also a (very obvious) reference to the animal that Naruto represents and summons (the frog).
"Gama chan, I love you when you're all fat~!" *places cheek against gama-chan's "belly" full of money*
by digiSAK3 December 26, 2006
25 2
Common turkish name. It means "King of Kings".
"Damn Serhan, I found out what your name means. I felt so pwned!!"
" name IS awesome lol!!1!"
by digiSAK3 December 30, 2006
22 3
Something extremely good, replacing "awesome, sweet, extravegant, fabulous, amazing" etc. or any positive description in the english language. This was a phrase commonly used in the book 1984 by George Orwell.
Person A:"I got out of work early today"
Person B:"That's double plus good!"
by digiSAK3 August 17, 2006
20 9
1. A soup commonly made in Colombia and other hispanic countries that is very thick. Made with potatoes, yuuca, and other food products.

2. Delicious awesomeness in liquid edible form.
Person A: Man it's cold outside. What are you eating right now?
Person B: Oh man, my dad cooked up some sancocho, FLIPPIN SWEET!
Person A: Yo fck you!! *extremely jealous, or should be.*
by digiSAK3 August 17, 2006
11 6
1. Another way of saying "wow" but usually not particularly used in awe. Instead, it may be used in shock, surprise, dismay or all of the above. May be followed by a sweatmark.

2. Taken from the Mario Twins parody
1. Person A: Man I feel like throwing a tv at my fcking boss.
Person B: Oh...le wow O_O;;;

Boy: I was getting crunk last night when all the sudden I found myself makin out with Joe...
Girl: OH LE WOW...!! O____O!!!

2. Mario: "I got a new system!"
Luigi: "You did nyot!"
(Mario drops his system, proving he indeed did buy one)
Luigi: .... wow.
by digiSAK3 August 17, 2006
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