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1 ] Hiding behind your hands. This is usually followed by a (\'_'/) revealing your hiding place or a (\'_(\ meaning you only reaveled one eye.
2 ] A way to show you're scared *hiding behind your hands*
IE 1 ]
A) ^_^ hey!
B) hey!
A) /)_(\
B) Where the fsck did you go!?
A) (\^_^/) peek a boo!
B) HOLY SH!7!!?#@$k@)%ry@(!!!!!!!!!

IE 2 ]
A) DON'T KILL ME !! /)_(\ ;_;
by digiSAK3 August 16, 2006
1. A way of life.
2. A persons rejection towards wearing pants. Typically wearing boxers or boyshorts around the house, whether they are doing laundry or cooking dinner.
Boyfriend X: Man I wish my girlfriend was anti pants...
Boyfriend S: That's too bad. Because mine is. And she's hotness.
by digiSAK3 September 09, 2006
A wallet/coin-purse in the shape of a frog, owned by Naruto from the popular anime Naruto. This wallet/coin-purse is also a (very obvious) reference to the animal that Naruto represents and summons (the frog).
"Gama chan, I love you when you're all fat~!" *places cheek against gama-chan's "belly" full of money*
by digiSAK3 December 26, 2006
Common turkish name. It means "King of Kings".
"Damn Serhan, I found out what your name means. I felt so pwned!!"
"Yea...my name IS awesome lol!!1!"
by digiSAK3 December 30, 2006
Something extremely good, replacing "awesome, sweet, extravegant, fabulous, amazing" etc. or any positive description in the english language. This was a phrase commonly used in the book 1984 by George Orwell.
Person A:"I got out of work early today"
Person B:"That's double plus good!"
by digiSAK3 August 17, 2006
1. A soup commonly made in Colombia and other hispanic countries that is very thick. Made with potatoes, yuuca, and other food products.

2. Delicious awesomeness in liquid edible form.
Person A: Man it's cold outside. What are you eating right now?
Person B: Oh man, my dad cooked up some sancocho, FLIPPIN SWEET!
Person A: Yo fck you!! *extremely jealous, or should be.*
by digiSAK3 August 17, 2006
1. Another way of saying "wow" but usually not particularly used in awe. Instead, it may be used in shock, surprise, dismay or all of the above. May be followed by a sweatmark.

2. Taken from the Mario Twins parody
1. Person A: Man I feel like throwing a tv at my fcking boss.
Person B: Oh...le wow O_O;;;

Boy: I was getting crunk last night when all the sudden I found myself makin out with Joe...
Girl: OH LE WOW...!! O____O!!!

2. Mario: "I got a new system!"
Luigi: "You did nyot!"
(Mario drops his system, proving he indeed did buy one)
Luigi: .... wow.
by digiSAK3 August 17, 2006

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