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someone who doesnt exactly fit in. they probably dont even try. we dont all slit our wrists, and can be great people if you get to know an emo person. it could be called a way of lif or just whatever you define it as. they most likely want more alone time than others. Emo has a distinct style that others may call kinda gay, but they obviously know nothing about being emo. We listen to watever kinda music we want wether its cool or not. A true emo will where whatever they want wether its tight jeans or a pink and black striped scarf, it doesnt matter, a poser emo will try to where tight jeans and black and talk about how they LOVE to cut themselves. This is all that comes to mind so, yeah.
Emo Kid listening to his favorite music:_the lyrics of that song are deep and move me to an emotional level i have never felt before
by didnt bother June 16, 2007

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