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an ellend is a bellend but used in reference to people that are annoying or stupid. However an ellend is an insult only to be used by lads because lads do not need to use the B.
Shu tup man, that guy is such an ellend
by dickNECK July 10, 2010
A dependable friend, partner, or acquaintance of either sex whom one can always approach for butt-sex at any time of day or night and who is eager to be the ass-pounder or -poundee.
Claire: "Why do you keep looking over at Greg?"

Stephanie: "Oh, he's just my comrade cornhole, and I need to get my ass pounded tonight."

Claire: "Wow, you're a lucky girl! I need to find my own comrade cornhole!"
by dickneck December 08, 2012

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