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probably the best food ever made! contains perdect swirly noodles that get perfect. noodles and ooodles of cup of noodles?
who would like some bomb ass shit preferably cup of noodles... anyone??????
#food #cup noodles #cup of noodles #sex #munchies
by dick poo August 24, 2006
yo the hyphy movement is the essence of all playdough. you its kinda like when your in da hood and yall ghost ride the dick and you know shoot grenades and crap. climb up your stairs and youll get the definition for the hyphy movement...
dude one day this group of black people had their 32nd annual hyphy movement located on the 12th block on elite road........
#gay #homo #simplistic #spanish one #and last but not least ooonnn
by dick poo August 24, 2006
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