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3 definitions by dfonzz

The wave test- when someones dates over wight people and to tests them he lays them down flat on stomach, giving a pat on the butt and watches if the the "wave" travels upwards to head and back(ripple effect)
You know Dave? he loves the very big girls and he always tests them for the "The Wave Test" if it only resonates once he will dump her :)
by dfonzz November 30, 2010
Hindendating- Dating someone who is somewhat Horizontally challenged
Did you see Eddy's new Chick? that's Hindendating, she passes the "Wave" test
by dfonzz November 30, 2010
Don’t help someone who will try and harm or harass you.
Like being nice villagers in remote country who then attack you and as it suits them to receive aid and simultaneously fight you.
I told him Don’t Feed the Hand That Bites you as he was trying to to get on the good side of his upstairs neighbor that promptly dumped coffee on his laundry.
by dfonzz July 10, 2010