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1) A far more sophisticated, fun, and powerful instrument evolving from the upright jazz bass shaped like a guitar, oftenly cosisting 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 12 strings. Used in most modern music and hardly given any recognition, the bass produces low-end sounds and notes used often to provide rhythm along with percussion instruments or backup to another instrument, such as an electric guitar.

2) What the idiot ghetto kids at your school refer to as a guitar, think electric varieties can produce sound when not plugged in, see as an "evil" instrument used in heavy metal music worshipping Satan, and view only as a tool to get you laid, which is just an added bonus.
Some famous bass players include Flea, Jaco Pastorius, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, and Ginger Baker.
by DexterSR300DX April 06, 2003
A nickname given to drums or percussive instruments by idiot Christian extremists who deem them unholy and Satanic instruments because they provide rhythm to a song which is a "earthly desire", were used in ancient pagan rituals to instigate possession and demons, and are the only modern instrument not mentioned in the Bible for Godly praise. Damn Pentacostals.
In Heaven, Jesus will be listening to Neil Peart.
by DexterSR300DX April 06, 2003
A dildo that you stick in your duple due to homosexuality
Dude, get that yildo out of yourself and get to work.
by DexterSR300DX March 25, 2003
See also "willer"
My pileson is twisted into my gooch.
by DexterSR300DX March 25, 2003
Penis hole used for liquid defication or ejaculation
A yildo is a dildo you stick in your duple.
by DexterSR300DX March 25, 2003
1. one who enjoys wet, disturbing sexual activity 2. a gay fireman
If Playboy Mansion was to burn down, you do not want to ask the wet flamers to help.
by DexterSR300DX March 24, 2003
I'm a wet flamer with shitty views on everything I've posted on this site.
by DexterSR300DX August 19, 2003
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