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Old definition: The family of chokers. As of 2005, nobody from the Manning Family had ever even appeared in a Super Bowl, let alone won one.

New definition: The family that took ownership of the New England Patriots from Bob Kraft.
The Manning family, namely Eli and Peyton, has pwnage of the New England Patriots now, as both have beaten them on the way to winning Super Bowls. Nobody can make fun of them for being chokers anymore.
by deweyd8855 July 10, 2008
Eric Maynor's game-winning shot in the first round of the 2007 NCAA tournament against Duke. With the game tied at 77, Maynor hit a pull up jumper with just 1.8 seconds left to give VCU a two point lead that held up as the final margin. Duke haters everywhere rejoiced, as the Blue Devils were knocked out in the first round. To watch this glorious moment, simply search "Eric Maynor" on YouTube.
Duke had a down year in 2007, but the Duke Dagger was still great to watch, as Eric Maynor took down the mighty Blue Devils with a single shot.
by deweyd8855 February 07, 2009
A covert term for a white girl who loves the BBC, or big black cock. It's a good way to say that a girl likes dark meat without openly saying that, as well as a play on the term for someone who subscribes to the traditional British Broadcasting Corporation.
Guy 1: Yo, did you hear that girl got pregnant by a black guy?

Guy 2: Not surprising, she's a known BBC subscriber.
by deweyd8855 May 19, 2013
In football, an abbreviation for a lost fumble on a kickoff return, or kick return fumble. This is the deadliest of all turnovers in football because the team that loses the fumble is giving the ball back right after allowing a score. The recovering team usually gets great field position, while the team that gave up the football has to put its tired defense back on the field.
Following the Westbrook touchdown, the Giants committed a krumble, giving the Eagles the ball in New York territory with a great opportunity to score again.
by deweyd8855 December 28, 2009
Alternate term for mayonnaise. Like the male ejaculate, mayo is white and creamy with a taste that many people like but others hate.
(person is ordering at McDonald's drive-thru)

Yo let me get two McChicken sandwiches, no skeet please.
by deweyd8855 July 10, 2008
A girl's vagina. This name applies because many people think that a vagina, like the Magic Kingdom, is the happiest place on earth.
After going out with my girlfriend for a month, she finally let me insert my rod into her Magic Kingdom.
by deweyd8855 June 11, 2007
1. (n) A really bad poker player. Someone who doesn't know how to play the game very well and therefore plays a lot of muck hands.

2. (v) To lose a hand of poker to someone who plays an awful hand but somehow gets really lucky and hits their cards.

3. (n) Someone who sucks at their trade.
1. That stupid donk just went all in with 2/7 off, I'm glad he was eliminated from the tournament.

2. I just got donked to hell when some idiot with Jack high bet into my trip Queens and ran a flush.

3. Reche Caldwell is a donk; he dropped two easy passes that cost the New England Patriots four points and, eventually, the AFC Championship Game.
by deweyd8855 December 15, 2007

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