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Animal House is a great movie about a college frat in '62. Its about a group of guys who have no ambition but to party. Now thats what America needs.
Lazar doesn't like Animal House. He must be Asian.
by Devon Lane! March 09, 2005
song by wheatus, the most sweet band ever.

Teenage dirtbags are those kids who listen to Iron Maiden and metallica and don't shower. also, usually don't have any friends.
Devon: I hear Riley's getting her 4th abortion this year.
Ryan: Whatta teenage dirtbag.
by Devon Lane! March 09, 2005
Stevie Wonder was born blind in the ghetto of Detroit. Great musician and made the song "We are the World" totally sweet.
Devon: Ever seen Stevie Wonder's wife?
Ryan: Ummm........ no, I haven't
Devon: Neither has he.
by Devon Lane! March 07, 2005
A country in Northeast Africa near the Middle East. It is also the country in which many Washington D.C. area cab drivers are from.
Man: Where did you say you were from?
Cab Driver: Eritrea. Near Sudan and Ethiopia. You know, Horn of Africa.
Man: Word.
by Devon Lane! March 06, 2005
Best movie ever created. It's about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and about how Paul Rausabagina (I probably spelled that wrong) saved over 1200 refugees in his hotel.
If I was a girl i would have cried during Hotel Rwanda.
by Devon Lane! March 07, 2005
when you see someone that you do not like and havent seen in a great while of time you say "hello paul" (guy) or "hello paula" (girl). You can also cringe and twist your neck for exclamation.
Nancy: "Oh hello Devon! I haven't seen you in such a long time!"
Devon: (Twisting Neck and cringing) "Hello Paula."
Nancy: "My name's Nancy..."
Devon: "Oh right..."
by Devon Lane! March 06, 2005
A game of the likes of snake rodeo. you invent it and usually throw snails.
Devon: I was thinking about some hardcore snail toss later.
Riley: I can't play I haveta get an abortion.
by Devon Lane! March 07, 2005

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