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1 definition by devakii #3702

Wajas are wolf-like creatures that you trade and breed on Wajas.com. There are currently 8 breeds of wajas: normals, plushies, waters, egyptians, africans, earths, divines, and corsies. Wajas have 28 different markings and 9 different mutations - it all depends on breeding. The wajas system uses "waja credits" as it's currency. Pears are used to up stats, breed, change the age of, and add mutations or markings to wajas. On Wajas you can also spend real life currency to upgrade your account, or customize your very own waja.
ex 1: Waja means "wolf" in Native American

ex 2: My favorite waja has nearly every marking possible!

ex 3: Damn the wajas server is slooooow. T_T
by devakii #3702 January 07, 2007