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10 definitions by deshawn thomas

Crazier than the bloods and the crips put together and unlike the bloods and the crips they have brains
Jim: Another guy got killed execution style today, he tried to fuck with the mafia and they killed him
Tom: Those guys are crazier than the bloods and crips put together
Jim: yea, plus you can't outsmart them like bloods and cirps
Tom: right, white people aren't complete dumbasses
Jim: could u imagine an asain mafia they could kung-fu ur ass death and they are smart as hell.
by Deshawn Thomas February 08, 2006
a sterotypical black girl huge tits and ass, but is really ugly
Look at that chanquia her ass is huge
by Deshawn Thomas November 22, 2005
When you take out your phone (preferibly a flip phone) and smack a bitch
Anthony: If that bitch dosent shut up I am going to phone smack her
Quenten: I'll jack her shit after
by Deshawn Thomas January 27, 2006
When two mexicans begin a fight, this phrase is often shouted, with the meaning that the two mexcian should take their dispute to Taco Bell, where they can appropriately fight.
Juan: Yo holmes, dont fuck with me
Martinez: Listen ese, I fucked you mama last night
White Guy: Hey fellas, you need to put that shit on hold, and take it to the bell.
by Deshawn Thomas December 16, 2005
when you take out your wallet smack someone across the face
Anthony: If that bitch dosent shut up i am gonna wallet smack her
Quinten: I will jack all her stuff after
by Deshawn Thomas January 27, 2006
A white person who tries to act mexican. For those of you who don't get it; mexicans commonly call themselves ese's, white people can't call mexicans this.
Jesus: Look at Clark wearing all his mexico stuff, and listening to mexican rap, and he is white holmes.
Juan: what a wese, lets jump him holmes.
by Deshawn Thomas December 02, 2005
when you take out your ghetto ass old phone that dosent filp and beat the shit out of someone
After Nikkil wallet smacked me I wanted to phone smack him back, but since my phone dosent flip I had to phone beat him
by Deshawn Thomas January 31, 2006