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2 definitions by dervishly good

Like Mardi Gras, but occurs nightly on the corner of Simon-Bolivar and Earhart by the Greyhound station in New Orleans. Usually as the sun sets. Instead of beads, you catch bullets.
Tourist: I wonder what all that noise is...is it Mardi Gras?

New Orleanian: Nah man, that's just Nigger Gras...keep your windows up and hide anything that's shiny.
by Dervishly Good November 05, 2009
An loser/virgin that lives in his or her parent's basement and has it set up like the Enterprise bridge, complete with life-like cardboard cutouts of the crew.
"Kirk" has spent 20 years as a Treknition making sure he'll never get laid or see a real boob.
by dervishly good January 22, 2010