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16 definitions by der Alte Fritz

A Mediterranean male - derogatory.

Conforming to the Greasy Dago stereotype.
"Sal is such an asshole, I would like to kick that greasedick's Wop ass"
by der Alte Fritz July 05, 2006
16 8
A cream pie whilst a woman is menstruating
"After I pulled out, the cum and blood on her beaver looked like raspberry ripple ice cream"
by der Alte Fritz July 05, 2006
28 21
A competetive encounter between two (usually young) males of Italian/Hispanic heritage.

Derived from the term "dance-off" and the common perception that such ethnicities are "greasy".

Can involve posturing, dancing or weaponry depending upon the wishes of the participants.

Often conducted for the benefit of a female onlooker.
Wow look how Jose uses his blade! He will cut off Xavier's dick if this grease off gets any more intense.
by der Alte Fritz July 28, 2006
7 2

A female who enjoys eating out other females.
"That Sappho is a real clam dipper. She just can't stop tongueing clit"
by der Alte Fritz July 05, 2006
8 6
An homosexual with a "smooth" sexual technique.

Feather: Soft and fluffy.
Sword: Penis
That Mr Wiggle gave me a smooth butt-fuck last night. He is a real feathersword.

by der Alte Fritz September 11, 2006
4 3
The semen of a Negro.
"Calvin bragged that once a bitch had tasted his cocoa cum, she would never want whitey's love juice again."
by der Alte Fritz July 29, 2006
9 10
An albino Negro.

Usually sporting red hair and eyes coupled with pasty white skin. These individuals retain Negroid features.

Generally shunned by both white and black communities.
"That sugarhill nigger scared the shit out of me with his red eyes"
by der Alte Fritz July 28, 2006
9 17