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to fit a whole cock in to your mouth and gag
E.G. hey do u wanna hall me
by depressed emo June 05, 2007
a lump of hair attached to your arse matted up with shit tissue and fluf that is pulled off
i had a way big tag knot this morning
by depressed emo June 06, 2007
the cum left around the cock when not wahsed off after ejaculating. left a while till a smell starts 2 build up and people know its there
omg u smell or brim cream!!!
by depressed emo June 05, 2007
an reali ugly girl that goes after boys and dosent get the hit they dont want her and sleeps around. usualy used by girls bitchin on another
aint dat girl such a dog
by depressed emo June 05, 2007

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