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Usually used as a racial slur against black people. I'm told it has to do with the shine off their faces and the continual noise they seem to make. It was a popular term in the American South 100 years or so ago.
I just saw a moon cricket hold-up a liquor store.
by Defcon 4 and waiting June 04, 2010
A code of conduct, rules and self governing laws that pimps abid by when working their trade. These laws are mostly used to keep their bitches in line and keep the johns from getting freebies. Infrations of a pimp law range from pistol whipping and pimp slaps to their hos that hold back money to cutting and killing johns that mess with their bitches or refuse to pay for services rendered. It's hard out there for a pimp.
Nigga bitch! Yous holdin' back mony be a violation of da pimp law and I need to get retro on yo' ass!
by Defcon 4 and waiting June 04, 2010
"Lost penis" is when you are caught humping a chick by a family member (usually a parent, in-laws or girlfriend and/or wife) resulting in an immediate boner killer and great shame.
Sally's mom and I where doing it in her basement when Sally caught us. Well I suffered with lost penis for about a week until Sally's twin sister started dating me.
by Defcon 4 and waiting June 02, 2010
A Dehli Dot is basically the "reset" button on an indian's or paki's forehead.
The taxi driver was cursing at me in Punjabi so I pushed his Dehli Dot to calm him down.
by Defcon 4 and waiting August 13, 2010
Mister Horse is a charactor on the Ren & Stimpy show that would undergo stressful or painful conditions during the show. When he was asked about his experience or ordeal he would always say - "hmmm, no sir, I didn't like it".
Reporter: What was it like being in the burning building Mister Horse?

hmmm, no sir, I didn't like it!
by Defcon 4 and waiting June 02, 2010
A date (usually a chick) that gets so drunk that she shits herself.
Sally can't hold her liquor, she's such a shit monkey.
by Defcon 4 and waiting June 01, 2010
"Jeff to the Left" is a poker card game similar to "screw your neighbor". Each player must start with 3 sets of poker chips - (usually valued at a dollar each). The dealer deals 1 card to all players face down and the player with the lowest hand (Ace-low, King-high) must pay 1 of their 3 sets of poker chips. The twist to the game is the person immediately to the left of the dealer starts the action by stating their card is good or they can trade this card to the person to their left and that person can trade to the person to his left and so on. A player with a King does not have to trade their card even if the person to his right demands it. If the card makes it's way to the dealer, the dealer may select the top card on the stack. If there is a tie for the lowest card, both players must throw in one chip each. If the dealer is eliminated, the player to his left becomes the new dealer. Last player remaining takes the pot.
My favorite poker card game is "Jeff to the Left".
by Defcon 4 and waiting June 08, 2010

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