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People who annoy you.
"Niggers! Oh, naggers"
#nigger #nag #annoy #south #park
by DefaultGen March 08, 2007
Before a man marries a woman, he may tell her that he is going to Europe for 2 weeks, then take a trip to Europe. The man ceases contact with the woman and if the woman cracks, goes insane, and doesn't know where the man is, she probably isn't going to make a good wife.
JB gave Em the Europe Test inadvertently. It didn't work out.
#jd #em #college humor #videos #marriage #europe
by DefaultGen August 11, 2009
The feeling you get the day after going to an amusement park, particularly when you spend all day on intense rides. Symptoms include hoarse voice, headache, fatigue, and general pains.
Sam just got back from Cedar Point. He feels bad now, but when he wakes up he'll still have an amusement park hangover.
#amusement park #hangover #headache #nausea #voice
by DefaultGen July 11, 2009
That godless man has a basic understanding of physics.
#religion #god #college #brain #reason
by DefaultGen April 28, 2009
Bullshit that companies put at the last line of want ads for undergraduate interns which basically means they don't want undergraduates at all.
- Work for school credit or pay
- Hiring undergraduates! Over 9000 employees!
- Positions open in your area
- Competitive pay
- Rising seniors considered only
#undergraduate #intern #college #hiring #senior
by DefaultGen January 26, 2009
The benefit of having free flow of information between a person and their significant other, regardless of how confided that information may have been.
Jenny: "So tell me about how you're going to break up with your boyfriend"
Jane: "I only told Jake that! I am mad that you know!"
Jenny: "No, we have relationship privilege. You should've expected this"
#relationship #boyfriend #girlfriend #significant other #secret
by DefaultGen June 05, 2009
Either refers to 4chan or 7chan, usually used as a plural to indicate superiority of another imageboard.
- 12chan is so much better than the mootchans!
- Gtfo pedo.
#4chan #7chan #moot #imageboards #/b/
by DefaultGen May 19, 2008
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