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21 definitions by deejster

Similar to limousine liberal, except the Lexus Liberal is a member of the upper middle-class rather than the upper class. Lexus liberals are characterized as being ignorant and lacking common sense in regards to political and social issues despite having a college education.

Unlike Limousine Liberals, Lexus Liberals are often considered to simply be naive rather than hypocritical.
Because Paul owned a luxury sedan, a $500,000 home, and employed the services of a housekeeper despite his beliefs in progressive taxation and helping the poor, he was referred to as a Lexus Liberal by his neighbors.
by deejster May 27, 2007
25 11
A party, bar, or any type of social gathering where the men significantly outnumber the women. If you're a guy at a sausage fest, your chances of hooking up with a hot chick are practically zero.
"Where the hell are all the chicks? This party is a total sausage fest."
by Deejster September 30, 2006
20 6
A pair of cowboy boots.
John bought himself a new pair of shitkickers at the western wear store.
by Deejster May 29, 2006
22 8
Slang term for Tequila.
"We drove down to Tiajuana over the weekend and drank a lot of Vitamin T, but almost got thrown in jail."
by Deejster September 03, 2006
28 19
When you go to a strip club hoping to spend some time with your favorite dancer, only to find out that she isn't working that night.
"I drove all the way across town so I could get a lap dance from Liz, but when I got to the club the bouncer told me that she had the night off. Oh well, strip happens."
by Deejster January 22, 2007
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The female equivalent of a Guido. This term describes a woman of (usually of Italian descent) who wears lots of makeup, short skirts or stretch pants, anything with a leopard print on it, high heels, cheap jewelry, and lots of hair spray. Stellas are also known for their love of dance music and chewing gum.
Marissa Tomei's character in "My Cousin Vinnie" is a stereotypical Stella.
by Deejster November 03, 2007
34 57
The kind of person who goes to a party and complains if the beer is a brand that costs less than $10 for a six-pack.
"Why hasn't Jeff gotten a beer yet."

"He only drinks expensive imports and microbrews. He thinks he's too good to drink Bud Light with the rest of us peasents. Fucking beer snob."
by Deejster October 16, 2006
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