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A black man able to take many lickens and keep ticking. He as well as other doesn't always recognize his strengthens, nevertheless, he has the God given ability to overcome many life changing and life threatening challenges. This is a black man who constantly gives his children advice and tells them of his mistakes inorder to help them be better men and women. This is a black man who sticks by his children although they may not always take his advice and end up in trouble. This is a black man who not only fathers a child biologically but oversees the caring of his children qualifying him as a daddy also.
A black father is a man who worked 25yrs and retired and re-enters the workforce to help his family.
A black father is a man who travels over 30 miles to assist one of his children who is having car trouble.
A black father is a man who allows his children and their children to move into his home inorder to better their lives.
by dede roddey June 20, 2006

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