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a non-offensive statement used to exagerate or emphasize the largeness of a statement.
For cryin' out loud stop acting like a baby-baby-stick-your-head-in-gravy!!!
by deby Stevens January 02, 2007
the tacky residue left behind after removing a sticker or price tag from an item, often causing a black sticky film to build up on the object.
1. i tried to remove the price tag sticker from the glass of the picture frame carefully but couldn't so now i have to look at the picture through all this sticker poop.
2. i removed the sticker lable from the cream bottle but there's all this sticker poop on it.
by deby stevens January 20, 2007
1.The act of listening to the music that someone else that you're not even with is listening to because you have no radio or cd player of your own. usually occuring at a beach or a park.
That wierdo with the ugly beach blanket is over-listening to our tunes and singing along like he's a Rock Star. Let's put on "Disturbed" and really rock his beach blanket
by deby Stevens March 23, 2007
Near or near close to self satisfaction; a personal inward mannerism which offhandedly is cause to the random thought or possibly the ponder ultimately lending way to the smirk
I tend to be adjacent to complacent most of my day due to my little world being such a happy little place.
by deby Stevens December 08, 2008

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