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A race of extremely advanced, diabolical, twisted- but for some reason immensly posh- robots sent back from the future in the guise of physics teachers so as to corrupt the youth of today. Their most notorious weapon is their lethal voice (stolen from future Cambridge professors, as it happens), which can obliterate even the most innocent minds with a cry of 'STTAAARRRR'. However, as represented by the colour of their ties, they are prone to changing allegiance (like a certain political figure cough clegg cough).
grrr- STAAAAARRRR! The Seddonators will dominate all of physics!
by death to justin bieber February 02, 2011
Whenever your girlfriend has a problem that you don't know about- like when she's crying for no reason and you can't stop her- your mind just blanks. Then you scream 'Oh my god!!!', and run away in terror because you don't know what to do. At all.
Girl: (crying softly) sniffle...
Guy: (looks at her in shock) Oh my god!!! (runs away screaming)
Girl: (looks up, still crying) Oh great- he still suffers from 'Oh My God!!!' moments...
by death to justin bieber February 02, 2011

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