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Web 2.0 social bookmarking website created by Kevin Rose that relies on it's users to submit interesting news, images, or videos.

While the Digg concept and interface is great, the website is unfortunately hampered by many flaws.

The front page is nearly controlled by power users and it's nearly impossible for average diggers to get their submission into the front page.

As Digg becomes more mainstream, the core intelligence of Digg is taking a nosedive with the website slowly becoming a variation of 4chan.
Screw Digg, I'm switching to Reddit.
by death to hipsters August 05, 2009
A phrase coined by Louis CK describing a hypothetical tree that is infected with AIDs

Used to direct anger at douchebags, preferably thong-wearing dudes in Kenny G hair rollerblading
"OH you motherfucker, now I have to know you exist you piece of shit? Go skate into an AIDs tree, you motherfucker." - Louis CK
by Death to Hipsters August 11, 2009

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