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When one has the flu, it is the act of throwing up and experiencing explosive diarrhea at the exact time.
Les: Hey, why wasn't Paige in school today?

Alyssa: She was fine yesterday, but when she woke up today she had the Holly Hobb's.
by Deadeye Dmo November 04, 2009
The only free public golf course in the United States. Located in Sharon, Pennslyvania, Buhl Farm Golf Course, otherwise known as "dum dums" by the locals, is a nine hole, par 34 course with slow, rolling greens and very narrow fiarways. The signature hole is the seventh hole, a 330 yard dogleg-right par 4 lined by trees on both sides with a small creek running right through the landing zone if you elect to hit driver. The course was donated by the great philanthropist Mr. Buhl, who wanted to build a course free to the public so kids could pick up the game of golf. There is a driving range on-site (which was donated by Arnold Palmer) and dum dums is also the home of The First Tee of Sharon.
"Hey Mikey, do you wanna go hit up the dum dums?"
"Sure! I'm running low on cash anyways!"
by deadeye dmo August 22, 2009

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