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People are coming to this site to display hate of anger towards runescape. The majority say it ruined their lives while some point out the good remarks. I have played this game for 5 years. Sad, I know but, the thing is, i enjoyed what I was doing. The people who gave bad remarks of runescape are people who do not have self control. I am 17 years old, I have a social life, lots of friends, good grades, and a heathy life. Jagex may be good at brainwashing people, but its the indivdual's choice to continue to play or not. Don't blame a powerhouse of games, blame yourself for lacking self-control and being able to be swallowed up by this game. My friends make fun of me for playing this game, but I like it. I will agree that it is a major waste of time and that you could accomplish better things in real life. However, don't wuit just because some kids told you to. Love what you do, just don't over do it. Using the computer for large amounts of time isn't good, but as long as you keep a balanced routine of real life and computer games, everything will be fine.
I played runescape for 5 years.

Still alive, well, and healthy with lots of friends to share the joy with.
by de1fy me July 02, 2009

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