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1 definition by ddddddont currupt

Someone who has failed at life and takes it out of 15-16 yr old kids. Someone who has been given the smallest amount of power and abuses it. They use intimidation tactics to boost their non-existent self-esteem, and lack of self-actualization. Most suffer from small penises, broke down 1993 green Chevy Luminas, and the constant reminder that their 40 yr-old virgins who still live in their Mom's basements. Their Job: To walk around, and bitch to employees every 3 minutes to boost up sales, add on worthless protection plans, sell accessories, and sell installation services. What most pimple-faced employees don’t know is that while they are busting their asses for $5.00 an hour, the manager takes home a fat bonus check every month, and takes credit for work he didn’t do.
"Man, what happened to you? Look in the mirror. Your a Retail Manager."
by ddddddont currupt March 02, 2009