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having a double matress bed and puting your penis between them
dont desturb me while im cleaning my room im doing the gnarwal
by David the bravid June 24, 2005
one who has the abillity to concure bass in any lake without being in a touniment. it is simply just having the skill to find and catch bass without fish finders or high tech gear, just instinct and a good rod, reel and knowing what lures to use to go with it. really if you love bass fishing that much that it makes you happy then you truly are a bass master
look at that lunker earl caught, he truly is a bass master
by david the bravid July 26, 2005
masturbating with your left hand while giuding it with your right
" my right hand is bandeged up so i had to ballstaff it last night
by David the bravid June 24, 2005
when a female hair barber leans over to cut your hair and her vagina rubs on your elbow
calm down with your cooch friction i just want alitlle off the top
by David the bravid June 24, 2005
when a girl jerks you off with two fingers
give me a gentle scissor rite here in the ice rink
by David the bravid June 24, 2005
excited to do somthing extreme
im so snarfed about catching that wave
by david the bravid June 25, 2005

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