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A song or advertising jingle annoyingly stuck in your head.
I've got a Tune Wedgie. 'Rudolf the Rednose Raindeer' keeps playing in my head.

No, don't sing the Barney theme song! You'll give me a Tune Wedgie.
by david Somers October 11, 2006
An adverting jingle that gets stuck in your head. An unwanted piece of music that it is harder to shake than a dingleberry stuck to your short hairs. A tune wedgie or earwig with commercial purposes.
What's that you are humming?

Oh man. I was watching football all weekend and now I got a Chevy Truck jingleberry. "It is OUR country...." Just shoot me.
by david Somers March 09, 2007
A state of prolonged immobility caused by great radio. When a driver has arrived at his destination, but is mentally unable to get out of the car until the song or program has finished.
Is Jim home yet?

Yes and no. He's been in radio stasis in the driveway for the last 5 minutes.

by david Somers March 09, 2007
Going braindead while waiting for a website to email you the confirmation code that you need to register for something.
Dude, what *are* you doing?

Reg Veg, man. I was adding a great word to Urban Dictionary, but now I'm stuck waiting for the reg confirmation email. I went brain dead about 5 minutes ago. A total reg veg.
by david Somers November 16, 2007
n. the dead time caused by waiting for an email confirmation code during registration for access to a new website. This time is often filled with mindless websurfing, which may lead to forgetting the original purpose.

Dude, what are you doing surfing the "Elvis is Alive" website? I thought you were working.

I was. But I got stuck in reg limbo to get into this new site. Arrgh, I got the confirmation email 10 minutes ago, but didn't notice.
by david Somers November 16, 2007
Information Wedgie.

A song, catch-phrase or other meme that gets stuck in your head.

An annoying, unwelcome and spontaneously recalled memory caused by prior iPod, internet, or other media overexposure, typically requiring direct action to "pick it out".
Example 1
A: *mindlessly hums to self*
B: What's up? Are you hurt?
A: I gotta iWedgie. That John Mayer song keeps playing in my head, driving me crazy.
B: Dude, I TOLD you that if you kept hanging out with that hippie chick that you'd pay the price.

Example 2
A: Dude, did I just hear you singing the Barney theme song?
B: Sorry, man. My kid's DVD has given me a wicked iWedgie. Play some White Stripes to help me pick it out.
by david Somers February 08, 2008

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