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2 definitions by david schmitt

a shitty attempt to make music its 75% of the word crap
and it stands for retards attempting poety
metal dude-"rap is dead man why u want to become a rapper"
rapper-"cuz man mad people want to, so i want to ,too"
meatl dude- "do u even no what rap means?"
rapper-"ahhhh no"
meatl dude- "well first off its 75% of the word crap and 2nd off rap stands for retards attempting poety"
rapper- "ahhhhhh fuck this shit"
by david schmitt January 25, 2008
there are 4 of gods of metal
1)black sabbath
2)iron maiden
3)judas priest

black sabbath is 1st because black sabbath (ozzy)was the father of heavy metal followed by
iron maiden w/ bruces very high voice followed by
judas priest
then 10 - 15
years later slayer which saves heavy metal from dieing when gruge was taking over
by david schmitt February 20, 2009