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term used by british pilots in ww2 to indicate that they were ready to take off and therefore required that the blocks placed in front of the planes wheels be removed so the plane can take off... the blocks were placed there origionaly to stop the plane from rolling away. said with a stiff old fasioned british accent (don't go thinking that all british people speak in a "posh" british accent u arrogant americans.
chocks away old boy, got to go and beat jerry so we can all be home before christmas!
by David Rees November 23, 2003
Ageist term for person under age of 18. Also term for some one younger then yourself offensive
Term for someone behaving childishly.
created to try to emphasise the problem of ageism. It was thought that if enough people began using the word it would become as offencive as "nigger" or "poof" or "spastick" and therefore create greater cocerns toward ageism
kick out u fucking jolak!
by David Rees November 23, 2003
super slow-mo effect {slow enough for the audience to see a bulet breaking through the air as it travels, hence the name} pioniered in the hit film "The Matrix".
The effect is created by filming a short scene against a green background using two video cameras and a lot of stills cameras. The images are then added to a computer generated background and then using computers the audience can be spun 360 degres around the action, showing great amounts of detail.
Watch the matrix... also view the bullet time documentry also on the matrix DVD and possibly at the end of the VHS
by david rees November 23, 2003
Early name for Bacardi and coke... invented when the cubans won something and fancied a drink.
poor me some more cuba libre, i want to get drunk.
by David Rees November 23, 2003
wot he sed. p.s. it is v. wrong and must be stoped.
see also " jolak "
i will serve this gentleman first because u are a child.
by David Rees November 23, 2003
ageism is as bad as racism and must be recognised. see "jolak"
I will serve this man first because you are a child.
by David Rees November 23, 2003

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