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The Scottish version of McDonalds.
Man: Ach man, i say we all go to Mcdoogles for a wee bite to eat.
Man2: I cannae hear ye man, me stomach is a growlin.
by david dring April 05, 2006
A term used to describe a vegetarian meal that secretly contains traces of meat. The vegetarian has no idea that he/she has totally gone against the rules of vegetarianism.
Man: Oh my god you so just ate some spam celery, not feeling so vegetarian now are you!

Vegetarian: *cries and hides from all humanity*
by david dring April 05, 2006
A term given to the sataday workers that the general public walk all over on.
Man: hey look at that guy getting shouted at by that girl. He must be a weekend doormat.
by david dring April 05, 2006

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