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involving two or more partners; it branches off like a vainy choad from the oral sex family and makes its way into your pants. At the point of climax for the male/unknown gender, the climax may be intensified by clappsing the mouth of the partner performing the favor thus increases the amount of suction force on the erect penis, this action directs the flow of the sperm at a faster rate giving the sweet rush of adrenaline time to be felt by the much realived person/s...
'this bitch will get a goose slap if she doesnt swallow'
by david case May 08, 2006
The French Dip primarily comes in to play during heterosexual anal intercourse. The male and female partner agree on the sexual position known as doggie style. The male partner during intercourse places his thumb in his mouth and lubricates the thumb with saliva. He then slides the thumb slowly into the rectum of the female while his penis is still inside the vagina. The purpose of this exciting action is to use the rectum and lower back as a handle for more leverage while engaging in intercourse..
"Me and Christina are having The French Dip tonite. Wanna come?"
by david case May 08, 2006
girl sucking that fat wang, then while shes on the knees...and she ahs to be on the knees smack that hoe like home alone boy, and go whoaa! it caresses the inner gum linning of the partners mouth, when i mean partner i mean male or female...or both...yes!
last night i got goose slapped like diglett, with this native american cock. it was so awesome i felt a tingling sensation in my gums and throat..i swallow of course...u know all the way!
by david case December 20, 2005
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