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A fuckin' good cheap restaurant. I eat there all the time. McChicken <3. And no I'm not fat. I weigh 130 and am 6'2". I just wish they had more spicy food. Nothing wrong with their food, as most bitches will complain.
Poor guy: Yo I'm hungry let's hit up chipotle. Damn that sounds good, too bad I only got 2 bucks.
Rich guy: Damn, that sucks. I guess let's hit up McDonalds for some mc chickens.
Poor guy: Hells yeah, that's almost as good as chipotle.
by David Barnes January 04, 2006
Chinese Pig Latin is a made up language with different rules than normal Pig Latin. In Chinese Pig Latin, you add -ong to the end of EVERY consonant. You pronounce the vowels normally.
1) Fuck you!
Fongucongkong Yongou (pronounced Fong-uh-kong-kong yong-oo)
2) Shit
3) Bitch
4) Chinese Pig Latin
Conghonginongesonge Pongigong Longatonginong
by David Barnes March 28, 2004
A nice word for "extremely fat" / obese
Well Jody, you are very prosperous. Perhaps you should try our new diet?
by David Barnes June 23, 2005
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